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open to all

We are open to all, and train everyone from total beginners to world champion fighters.


New members: 


In this time of COVID-19, we are doing our utmost to keep our staff and students safe.


To minimise the risk of cross contamination, we will accept a cash or contactless card payment of £6 for your first lesson.


You will then need to pay by bank transfer or contactless card payment for the remainder of the month, as follows:


Four weeks left in the month = £24 

Three weeks left in the month = £18

Two weeks left in the month = £12

One week left in the month = £6


You will not be able to train until payment is received.


Once you have paid for that month you will then choose which monthly payment plan you wish to go on (as below).


We are sorry if this is an inconvenience but the safety of our staff and students is paramount. 


Monthly payment plan - one:


To attend every week it's £24 per month, paid on the 1st of each month for access to every Monday evening class.


Monthly payment plan - two:


If you can't attend every week, we charge £25 for four classes, to be used within two consecutive months.


One-to-one training with us costs £25 per session. If five one-to-one training sessions are paid in advance, you get lesson six for free.

the kit

Once you become a member of our club, you'll want to invest in the kit that's needed for Thai Boxing.


Don't rush to buy all of it, though - take a bit of time and make sure the sport is for you.


Kit can be purchased from other sources, but we kindly ask that you buy it from us. To make an order, please speak to us at one of our classes or contact us.

We make a very small amount of money from selling kit which goes back into the club funds for new training equipment.